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Children's Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide a service that facilitates a child’s full potential.

All children are busy learning, playing, socialising and growing. However, some children find reaching expected developmental milestones a challenge.

Activities like hand writing, using a knife and fork together or doing buttons up are difficult to achieve.

Whether your child is recently diagnosed with a condition, struggling with aspects of daily living or struggling at school, our children’s occupational therapy services can help you.

We are here to provide advice, support, assessment and treatment where appropriate.

‘Occupational Therapists Work with the child, parents and teachers to find solutions to minimise the difficulties children face, helping them get the most from life’. COT 2013

Where our Children’s Occupational Therapy Services can help

  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Autism
  • Developmental co-ordination delay
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Motor planning/sequencing
  • Low muscle tone
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Physical Impairment
  • Developmental delay

Our services

Initial interview

  • This will help you decide if the service is right for you and your child.

Full Assessment

  • This assessment can be carried out at home or at our assessment centre

Reports for

  • Full assessment
  • School transition
  • Statement for special needs
  • Contribution to diagnostic process
  • Tribunals
  • School reviews


  • For parents, school and professionals
  • Treatment blocks
  • Equipment provision
  • School/home based programming


  • Information sessions at school/ children’s centres
  • Health professionals
  • Information at parent’s evenings

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TESTIMONY 1: Louise quickly established a rapport with our 15 year old daughter who is on the autistic spectrum and who had reported some difficulties with handwriting and make up! During a fun, relaxed session, Louise identified the source of the problems, gave us some exercises and equipment, and then wrote a report which has led to our daughter being given extra time and access to equipment during her GCSEs.  Our daughter left feeling very positive about her abilities and relieved also to understand what had caused her problems.  The relationship between Louise and our daughter was excellent which meant that rapid progress could be made with the diagnosis process.  I would highly recommend Louise to any parent, especially those like me who worry about how our children might get on with new therapists.

TESTIMONY 2: I am so thankful for the approach and commitment Louise had with S and I am extremely impressed with Louise in her professional capacity.

Suffice to say Louise has supported and guided S through an awfully traumatic time in her life, and both S and I believe she would not be in the position she is now without Louise and your company.

TESTIMONY 3: All has gone well. We managed to win the appeal. Significant parts of your recommendations are now embedded into his statement of SEN so it has been a success

E now has a place at a special school in Cambridgeshire and he started after Christmas. He is still in the settling period but appears to be going well so far

We have also set up a lot of your suggestions at home.

Thank you so much for your help and assistance with the assessment and I am sure we will be in touch in future for further advice as E (and his brother) progresses.

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